tar-tan (noun):

a woolen cloth woven in one of several patterns of plaid, especially of a design associated with a particular Scottish clan.


Every morning we jump out of bed in pursuit of the following dream:

To be the most respected and trusted luxury home builder, commercial property developer and property manager in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.


Tradition of Trust.

The McNaughton family has been a trusted luxury property developer in the Chicagoland area for more than three generations.  We take enormous pride in our work knowing that we are standing upon the shoulders of our family members that have gone before us, and are conscientious of the legacy we desire to leave to the next generation.

Impeccable Service.

The Principals of Tartan Builders are active in every client engagement from start to finish and serve as our clients’ main point of contact.  We are committed to going above and beyond the call of duty to exceed their expectations at all times.

Innovative Design.

There are few industries that are as dynamic as real estate development.  Our approach is to blend cutting edge technology, design and lifestyle with a traditional dedication to craftsmanship to create properties unique to themselves.

Excellence in Craftsmanship.

The difference between greatness in craftsmanship and excellence in craftsmanship lies within the last 5%.  The last 5% is where we separate ourselves from other luxury builders.  We set our standards high for fit and finish—and you’ll see our attention to detail in the finer points, such as perfectly joined trim work, and flawless paint and finished surfaces.