Commercial Property Development

Here is a simple and profound truth.  When it comes to nearly any space, but in particular commercial properties, ENVIRONMENT MATTERS.

Why does environment matter?  Becomes environment informs:

Customer Experience

The term “thin slicing” refers to our unique human ability to accurately draw conclusions after observing only a small selection of interactions, usually in less than 5 minutes, based upon the environment, emotions and attitudes of the people interacting.

Author Malcolm Gladwell describes “thin slicing” as the following in his book “Blink”: “Thin slicing refers to the ability of our unconscious to find patterns in situations and behaviors based on very narrow slices of experience.”

In other words, the second one of your clients enters your office space, whether you like it or not the environment begins to tell your client a story that will conclude in mere minutes, perhaps even before you’ve had an opportunity to speak with them.

What do you want that story to be?  Is your business thriving or dying?  Are your employees inspired or deflated?  Is your business on the cutting edge of innovation or stuck in the past?  Are they getting the hotel concierge experience or the doctor’s office experience?

Of course, you probably know this already based upon the experience you have every day.

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Your office environment can be the best salesperson on your team.  Invest in it wisely.

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Office Culture

The investment in your commercial space also tells a story to your employees.  The environment can inform questions like:

Does this organization care about my future, or only current profits?
Your investment in your office environment has the ability to inform your employees that you are “in this” for the long haul, and they can both take comfort in that security and be inspired at their prospects to grow with the organization.

Is this a place that people come to thrive or die?
If your office environment makes people feel like they are going to a funeral home, you are going to attract the nearly dead.  Conversely, if your office environment makes employees feel inspired, you are going to attract those full of life and potential.

Is this an office that I have to go to or want to go to?
Everyone has to go to the dentist.  Nobody wants to.  Are your employees jumping out of bed each morning exciting to arrive at work or dragging themselves there.  Your office environment matters.

Is this an office that fosters productivity or distraction?


Your office environment can help both attract and retain top talent. Invest in it wisely.

Whether building out a new commercial property development or renovating an existing structure, Tartan Builders is committed to bringing its full knowledge and experience to create environments that both fit the functional needs of tenants while adding design elements that make them feel truly unique, inviting and inspiring to customers and employees alike.