Our Build Process

Preparing for the Project.
During the preparation phase, a collaborative team is established to work with design professionals to outline a realistic scope of work that meets the desires of all parties involved.

From Sketches to Blue Prints.
Once conceptual ideas are sketched out on paper, detailed financial and construction analysis is conducted to develop working construction drawings with which the project is developed from.

The Permitting Process.
TBI’s knowledge of the many intricacies related to permitting, zoning, and overall municipal approved processes (in both the city of Chicago and adjacent suburbs) are leveraged to ensure proper approvals within the said municipality are achieved prior to starting the project.

Complete Project Bid.
Extensive sub-contractor collaboration and negotiations are carried out to develop a competitive pricing model and to incorporate direct field knowledge into the project.

Project Kick-Off.
At project kick-off, a dedicated construction manager is assigned to the client who is responsible for scheduling, management, and delivery of the work from conception to completion.

Completing the Build.
Professional, courteous, and accurate management of the project is key to successful execution .  Upon completion of the project, a thorough walk-through is conducted with the Owner to ensure the Owner achieves the highest level of satisfaction with the final product.

The Warranty against Defects.
Even after completion of the project, we stand behind the quality and workmanship of our product by providing clients with an extensive one-year warranty against major construction defects.

The Lasting Relationship.
Senior-level professionals will be involved through every step of the Design/Build process, from the preparation phase through the final walk-through.

Wooden Staircase in Western Springs IL