Tartan Builders Can Repair Your Flood Damaged Basement

With the severe storms that have hit the Chicagoland area, many homeowners are witnessing first-hand the effects of the heavy rain inside their homes, primarily in their basements.  Hinsdale based Tartan Builders, Inc. (TBI), a leader in the residential and commercial construction industry can provide flood repair services to those that were directly affected by the significant rainfall.

TBI will take the following steps to salvage a flooded basement and restore it back to its original state:

1. Coordinate with a service master or equal contractor to remove damaged carpet, flooring and drywall.

2. Bake the basement with box fans and heaters to eliminate any mold and dry out the basement.

3. Redrywall, reinsulate, repaint, install new trim and doors.

4. Install new carpet and flooring

5. Incorporate new preventative measures for future storms.  For example, add additional sump pump and pit, install battery back-up system, clean out and rod window wells, look at potential swales and install gutter downspout bubblers.

“Basement floods don’t have to be disastrous,” said Ryan McNaughton of Tartan Builders, Inc. “In fact, a quick response to your flooded basement can salvage your home and significantly reduce the time it takes to get your home back to normal.”

Western Springs Business Association

May 2013, Page 2


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